If you're on the hunt for the perfect furry companion, look no further than Dejah Bleu Bulldogs. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Southern Oregon, our 20-acre haven is home to the most lovable French Bulldogs you'll ever meet. With a history dating back to 1989, we've been proudly standing tall with the American Kennel Club (AKC), demonstrating our unwavering commitment to breeding excellence.

Unveiling the Dejah Bleu Bulldogs Difference

At Dejah Bleu Bulldogs, we’re not just breeders; we’re passionate caregivers devoted to creating harmonious bonds between humans and our French Bulldog family members. Our mission is simple yet profound: to produce Happy, Healthy, loving puppies with wonderful dispositions that will seamlessly integrate into your family.

The Art of Socialization

One of the pillars of our success lies in our meticulous approach to socialization. From day one, our babies are introduced to a world filled with laughter, warmth, and companionship. They share their days with our children and other animals, ensuring they develop into well-rounded, sociable companions.


A Veterinarian’s Seal of Approval

Health is paramount in our breeding program. Before any puppy leaves our loving care, they undergo a comprehensive examination by our trusted veterinarian. This step ensures that every Dejah Bleu puppy is in tip-top shape, ready to embark on a lifelong journey with their new family.

The Dejah Bleu Experience

When you choose a Dejah Bleu puppy, you’re not just purchasing a pet; you’re joining our extended family. We cherish every one of our puppies, and we expect nothing less from their forever homes. With us, you’ll never be alone in your journey of raising a new bulldog baby.

AKC Excellence and Beyond

All Dejah Bleu Bulldogs come with AKC Registration and a Starter package to help you get started on your exciting adventure with your new family member. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop when you take your puppy home; it’s a lifelong partnership.

Join the Dejah Bleu Bulldogs Family

We invite you to explore our website and get to know our dogs, who we’re immensely proud of. Our passion for these wonderful creatures shines through in every aspect of our breeding program. Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to connect with us, so you can witness the Dejah Bleu Bulldogs difference firsthand.

At Dejah Bleu Bulldogs, we don’t just raise French Bulldogs; we raise cherished members of your family. Discover the love, dedication, and excellence that sets us apart in the world of French Bulldog adoption. Your journey to finding your ideal furry friend begins here, with us.