What does it mean to participate in our Guardian Program?

Being a Guardian Family for us is an excellent opportunity to have a fully trained, adult dog as a pet or an adorable puppy. In exchange for providing a home for our breeding dog and partnering with us while the dog is part of our breeding program, you will receive a fabulous dog at no cost. We strongly believe that every dog deserves a loving forever family. All breeder dogs will go through initial testing for genetic diseases and other tests. These tests are paid for by us, however transportation is the responsibility of the Guardian Family. In addition, Guardians will be responsible for transportation to breeding. Typically this is done in near Wolf Creek, OR. Guardians must live in close vicinity and be willing to drive to us.

In order to ensure safety and health there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Program.

* Dog has access to fully fenced yard.
* Provide a crate for your dog to be in when unsupervised.
* Ensure that the dog will be family and loved.
* Be willing to provide ‘breeder approved’ kibble and other dietary needs.
* No other intact dogs in home
*Have full knowledge of each breed preferably with experience.
*We willing to meet at appropriate times for breeding and Whelping.

They can be active in our program for up to 5 years. Our treasured Guardian Homes make our breeding program possible!

The most important requirement is that our Guardian Families provide a loving home for our dogs. If you are interested in being a guardian, please message me and I can answer questions you may have.

CO Own Program

Being part of our Co-Own Family Is a great opportunity to be part of the puppy process. How does it work? You take and care for an Adult or Puppy for half price, when comes time to breeding we use one of our males and or one that is approved by us and will compliment the breed. We split all breeding and whelping, cost as well as any profit made.

After 3 litters we sign the female over to Co own and they will fully own her.

If your interested in being part of our Co-own Program, please message me and I can Answer any Questions you may have.