We understand that you might want to breed your dog, but you might not have the facilities, maybe even the time to properly care for the puppies with the mom. This is called Whelping. There is no shame in looking for help when it comes to finding adequate care for your new litter. I am very experienced in breeding, been doing this for a couple of a decades. Let me help you bring your new puppies into the world.
Natural delivery – $350
LITTER OF 1-10 Pups : $840 A WEEK
LITTER OF 10 and up $1200 A WEEK
If you need to drop your female off while pregnant ( prefer drop off at or around day 58) and have me take her for the C section, cost for my service to transport and care during/After c-section is $250. THIS COST DOES NOT INCLUDE THE C SECTION !!!
$20 per day boarding – until she delivers and then it will be included with weekly nanny service of litter. * You will be responsible for the C-section and medical cost at time of service and a Credit card will need to be on file with our local veterinarian.
Females are required to have current full Health check up on file And De Wormed before puppies are due.

We will be with Mom and puppies 24/7. I have 35 years of experience. And my daughter has 14 years.  You must bring dog/puppy food. We supply the rest. Will give daily updates. 

Natural Delivery $350. 

Weekly litter and mom Care $1000. 

If puppies must be hand raised (without mom)- Tube feed/bottle fed etc. Price will go up an additional $200 a week.


We use all sterile products. We can collect and or handle freshly chilled semen. All Semen is tested under a micro-scope before inserting.
Collecting and AI Using your dogs $100.

If need me to travel to you will be additional gas money.

Dog Sitting Services

Our house or yours per animal each additional charge for more animals.
  • $30 a day
  • $60 a night
  • $400 a week